2018-03-07 高考英语作文

  Score is not Equal to Knowledge 分数并不等于知识

  Score is not equal to knowledge, my head teacher always keeps telling me this, because he wants us to master all the knowledge we need to understand. I do not put his word in mind, because in my heart, score comes the first. One day, chemistry teacher taught us some knowledge and then asked us to finish a paper test. Whoever passed the text can do the experiment. I got a high mark by guessing. I was very happy, but tragedy happened. I made a small explosion by not mastering the knowledge. I was scared and finally understood the sentence, Score is not Equal to Knowledge.

  分数并不等于知识, 班主任对我说,因为他希望我们能够掌握所有需要了解的知识。我并没有把他的话放心上,因为我觉得分数是最重要的。有一天,老师教了我们一些知识,然后就让我们考试。只要通过了考试才能去做实验。我瞎猜猜得了很高分。我很高兴,但是悲剧也就发生了。因为知识不牢固而导致了一个小爆炸。我被吓到了,也终于明白了那句话, 分数并不等于知识。

  I love English 我喜欢英语

  When I was seven,I started learning English.I played games and sang English songs with other children.Sometimes,I watched English cartoons.It's funny.Then I discovered the beauty of the language,and began my colorful dream in the English world.

  I hope I can travel around the world someday.I want to go to America to visit Washington,because my cousin is over there.Of course,I want to go to London too,because England is where English language developed.If I can ride my bike in Cambridge University,I will be very happy.

  I hope I can speak English with everyone in the world.Also I'll introduce China to them,such as the Great Wall,and the gardens in Suzhou.I will teaching people of the world about the beautiful language of our country.

  I like the English language.To learn English is wonderful.I once wanted to be an English teacher.I also like Chinese literature.When I was really young, I was able to remember lots of poems.I also wanted to be a teacher of Chinese.Now I think that both of my dreams can come true:I will be able to use English to teach foreign friends Chinese and share Chinese culture with them.So that more and more people will be able to get to know the 5000 years' history culture,and the prosperity of our great China.

  My future is not a dream.I am confident that it will come true.






  History of the Internet 因特网的历史

  Nowadays Intemet is very popular all over the world, especially in some big cities. Do you know when the Intemet was first established? Built in 1960s, the Internet was a crude network of a few computers which shared information. If one of the computers broke down, the whole networks would be unable to work, causing continual problems. At first, just the government had access to the Internet, using it for communications among different branches. However, by 1970s the Internet had been used in universities, banks, and hospitals. At the beginning of 1990s computers became affordable for common people and this affordability increased the use of the Internet by people,

  It is said that each day tens of millions of people log off, making it the most important part of people's life.



  Internet was first established in 1960s. At that time, the computer was both large and expensive and the networks were unable to work well. If one of the computers broke down, the whole networks would be unable to work.

  At first, the Intemet was just used by the government. By 1970s, it had been used in universities, banks and hospitals. At the beginning of 1990s,computers became both cheaper and easier to operate. Now it is very convenient to log on the Intemet.

  It is said that each day tens of millions of people log on the Internet. Sending e-mails is becoming more and more popular.

  The Intemet has become the most important part of people's life.





  book review《小王子》读后感

  Recently, I read a fairy story book, Little Prince. This book tells the adventurous experiences of little prince from his planet to the earth. Little prince comes from the outer space and he is hurt by a rose. So he leaves there and travels into space. He comes to the earth and be the friend of a fox. The fox tells his secret to little prince and he helps a pilot in the desert. In the end, he dies under the help of a snake and his soul goes back to his planet. This book is very interesting and teaches me a lot. I like little price adventures. He teaches me to be honest and love others. All of us should never loss the pureness of childhood.


  Knacks for Learning Language 学习外语的诀窍

  What is language for? Some people seem to think it’s for practising grammar rules and learning lists of words — the longer the words the better. That’s wrong. Language is for the exchange of ideas, for communication.

  The way to learn a language is to practise speaking it as often as possible. A great man once said it is necessary to drill as much as possible, and the more you apply it in real situations, the more natural it will become. Learning any language takes a lot of effort. But don’t give up.①Relax! Be patient and enjoy yourself. Learning foreign languages should be fun. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Work harder and practise more. Your hardworking will be rewarded by God one day. God is equal to everyone!

  Use a dictionary and grammar guide constantly. Keep a small English dictionary with you at all time. When you see a new word, look it up. Think about the word — use it, in your mind, in a sentence. Try to think in English whenever possible. When you see something, think of the English word of it; then think about the word in a sentence. Practise tenses as much as possible. When you learn a new verb, learn its various forms. I would also like to learn more about the culture behind the language. When you understand the cultural background, you can better use the language.行文点评


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