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  Traditional Culture Won't Be Lost

  It seems we are living in the conflict between modern and traditional cultures every day. Hearing the blaring of horns the moment you step out of your house, seeing the so called "pop" the moment you open your eyes, you can't help thinking, "Will the traditional culture be gradually lost?"

  Many people believe so. They may put right in front of you all the evidences they can dig out. They may argue that people are rushing to restaurants instead of cooking at home, listening to pop music but not traditional, wearing in a way people couldn't imagine ten years ago. Modern people like the air of freedom, not to be restrained by traditions. They offer this long list, only trying to confirm that this world is full of fashion,competition and temptation and the traditional culture is fading and will be lost at last.

  Though we are now living in a world in which undeclared aggression, war, hypocrisy, chicanery, anarchy are part of our daily life. Though this is a skeptical age, and our faith has weakened, our confidence in some aspects of the traditional culture should and would never be lost.

  Wouldn't you agree that our traditional culture is always credited with modesty, politeness and respectfulness, which have always been treasured for more than five thousand years?Even in this modern world, people still admire those with good manners, those who are polite to others or respectful to old people.

  Wouldn't you agree that our Chinese traditional music is beautiful and artistic and our Chinese tea culture is always an appealing treasure to people around the world?

  So there may just be some changes in our lifestyle or our attitudes towards life, but little change occurs to some fundamental aspects of our traditional culture that people still treasure in heart.

  The traditional culture will never be lost, I believe.

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  First and foremost, I have a pet. It is my dog, It is name is coco, It is color is as white as snow, and have a two big eyes. It is very nice and loyalty. It makes me stress reliever, and forget about the busy thing in the school. For example, when I feel sadness, it? will accompany with me, I will talk about my feeling,

  not only share happy thing, but also share upset events. Therefore, this also lets me have a comfortable.

  By the way, when I go out, coco in order to wait me at the door. Visible it very loyalty. In addition, in order for the dog can make some new friends, I will help it to join many activities. Such as when I often take a walk with Coco, it will very happy. Since it can make some news friends.

  Last but not least, my dog makes me so happy, it can make me reduce an anxiety.

高三英语作文 篇3






  Knowledge is learned, is also asked, but also to carefully observe and explore the practice come. In the Song Dynasty poet Lu You in the poem phrase is "paper come Zhongjue shallow, no matter known to practice," but so think carefully. The knowledge of books is limited after all. We must practice it in order to understand it deeply and thoroughly.

  Some people childhood love of reading, but they all stay at home, never to see the outside world, nor to thoroughly understand books on things, not to go exploring, is always no more knowledge to explore those who practice learning. But we can not observe every day, but also to learn the knowledge of books, light to practice will not understand, but as long as we combine knowledge and practice, you can get real knowledge.

  Shen Kuo, a great scientist in the Northern Song Dynasty, has a question, "why is it the same as the peach blossom? The time of flowers is so far away?" he ran to ask his mother, but his mother still did not answer his riddle. He wanted to personally go to the temple to see Dalin, later found on the mountain mountain under low temperature than many, so the peach blossom time late, tell us in the learning process, from this example and put his observation and exploration of the combination of multi part of Titus asked. Thinking, practice and knowledge are essential.

  Knowledge is also a theory. Only by mastering theoretical knowledge can we apply it flexibly in practice. Therefore, knowledge is the basis of practice. Without rich knowledge, it is impossible to achieve success in practice. The great scientist is in learning a simple formula and theorem in practice and the ultimate success of the burst of inspiration, great musicians also learn from simple notes but eventually write their own great discourse. So you want to get success in practice, learning is essential, but also pay attention to learning knowledge, if only pay attention to the accumulation and ignore the qualitative change, so knowledge becomes more than fine, out of order, unable to make a breakthrough in one direction.

  Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, but the best way to test knowledge, people have grasped the importance of practice, so successful, but some people just have to accumulated knowledge apart from practice, lead to failure, this is the secret of success and failure.

高三英语作文 篇4

  People around the world may feel that the climate has been getting steadily warmer and warmer in recent years. Places which used to be abundant in snowfall have frequently experienced snowfree(无雪的) winters. Drought lasts longer in some dry areas. People find that without air conditioners they could hardly work or fall asleep on hotter summer daysg.

  The side effects of global warming are alarminS. A warmer global climate melts the ice caps, raising sea levels. What is more, it disturbs weather patterns, causing droughts, severe storms, hurricanes (飓风). People suffer a lot from disasters relevant to global warming.

  To stop global warming we should make immediate and continual efforts. We hope the situation will soon change. Global warming catches and holds our concern, for it affects us and will affect our later generations. We cannot wait any longer. Do it right now.




高三英语作文 篇5

  Green, is the true nature of life, is the intentional and unintentional destruction of the day by day to reduce the disappearance, and take it that is pollution, is rubbish. Our mother - the earth! She was originally fenghuangmao, but she was old, sick, wounded: human beings, wake up! Let us protect our mother, let her return to the young bar!

  How can we protect the environment? First of all, we must establish a sense of protection, to establish people's civilized fashion, to eliminate the phenomenon of littering, which is followed by one, then the second is what? Is rubbish. Speaking of garbage, then we pay attention to the more of the. 1, we set the attention of garbage health. Garbage, we have to use a garbage bag to wrap up and keep the sanitation environment. 2, garbage to be classified. In the classification process, we should put the waste paper. plastic. Waste bottles cans and other renewable resources can be recycled, can not be recycled into the garbage poke, but never allowed to throw the old battery, you must put the battery into the recycling station, so that the recycling staff to deal with the third With or without plastic bags, disposable lunch boxes of these white pollution, these aspects are introduced how to protect the environment, the following let me introduce how to save resources! 1, saving water, in the use of faucet in the process, we To keep the faucet away from any drop of water. Some people will think, is not a drop of water? What can be worth a fuss? But you have not thought that China's fresh water this year, a sharp reduction, do not cherish, the last drop may be your tears! So please be sure to cherish this drop of water! 2, cherish every grain of rice. I think we all hear who knows the plate of Chinese food, grain are hard this sentence it! A grain of rice, a drop of sweat, some children can also develop a snack, do not eat bad habits, so not only a waste of food, Also harmful to the body, is not it tasteless? So, you should correct this bad problem as soon as possible.

  In addition, we have to carry out and participate in the city, the town of some environmental activities, consciously to the masses to promote some knowledge of the ring, but also the use of some waste to produce a variety of small production. In addition, you can also in March 12 to carry out tree planting activities, continue to add green to their homes.

  People only ah! Only let the green to restore the original beauty, can we let our mothers on behalf of the reproduction, enduring. Let us work together to create a happy and happy world!

高三英语作文 篇6

  Is It The Only Way Out To Go To College

  We had a discussion about whether it is the only way out for senior students to go to college.Views vary from person to person.

  The majority of us consider it very necessary to go to college.They think it can widen their knowledge and improve their qualities.Only in this way can they find better jobs after graduation.Very few students,that is about ten percent of the students think it no use going university, because the tuition is too high for their family to afford.What’s more, it’s rather hard for college graduates to seek satisfactory jobs.Thirty percent of the students, however, believe “All roads lead to Rome.” Therefore it doesn’t make any difference whether they go to college or not.

  In my opinion, we can receive a better education at college so that we can serve our motherland.










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