2020-10-30 讣告


  state media has just announced the death of leader Kim Jong Il. According to the report (on this site, when it’s not overwhelmed by traffic), he passed away on Saturday 17th December, at 8.30am, while travelling on a train to visit an area outside of Pyongyang.

  **官方媒体刚刚宣布了领导人**去世的消息(在this site网站上发布了信息,当时还没有因流量问题难以进入)。据报道,他于12月17日周六上午8:30去世,当时正在去往平壤外部一处地方进行视察的火车上。

  The report, delivered by a tearful, black-clad announcer, claimed that he died due to “an advanced acute myocardial infarction, complicated by serious heart shock,” which was caused by “a great mental and physical strain caused by his uninterrupted field guidance tour for the building of a thriving nation.” It is of course no secret that he had been unwell for several years, having suffered a stroke in 2008, and often appearing frail in public appearances.


  Kim’s declining health had prompted the regime to accelerate progress towards the planned succession of his third son, Kim Jong Un. The report itself exhorted viewers to “loyally follow” the Swiss-educated, would-be third-generation leader, whom his father chose ahead of two elder sons, apparently due a ruthless streak that runs beneath his pudgy features.


  Still in his late twenties, and with very little experience of leadership, the younger Kim may yet face trouble when it comes to grasping the reins of power. Kim Jong Il himself had already been the heir-apparent to his father, the founder of the North Korean state, Kim Il Sung, for almost two decades before he was declared the country’s “Dear Leader” and thrust upon the throne of the Democratic People’s Republic in 1975. Kim Jong Un will have no such luxury. But that does not mean that crisis is imminent. Kim Han-jong, who visited North Korea with South Korea’s President Kim Dae-jung at a momentous summit in 2000, states we should “not expect Kim Jong Il’s death to be followed by big political change”, owing to China’s apparent support for the regime as well as to the internal efforts to speed up the succession.

  才二十多岁,并且几乎没有领导经验,这位年青的金正恩大权在握时可能会面临麻烦。**在被宣布为该国的“敬爱的领导人”之前,已经作为父亲金日成的接班人二十多年,并且于1975年成为朝鲜劳动党的一把手。金正恩并没有这么幸运。但这并不意味着危机已经近在咫尺。Kim Han-jong曾经于2000年峰会时与**总统金大中一道访问了北朝鲜,他说我们不应该认为“**的去世会带来政局变化”,原因是中国明显地对该国进行支持,对于该国领导人的接班也是同样。

  South Korea is however on a state of high alert. The KOSPI index dived 3% at noon, following the announcement. In the coming days, all eyes will be on Pyongyang, and the attempts of one young man to lay his claim to the world’s only communist monarchy.



  At 1:30 p.m., November 20, 2010, Grandma Qianmei Luo passed away peacefully, surrounded by her loving family in Pudong, Shanghai, China. She was 102.

  On January 14, 1909, Grandma Luo was born to a family of 6 Children. She married young. Soon after the marriage, her husband died of illness, leaving behind the young widow, new son and eldly parents. To survive, Grandma Luo married a widower, Ruxing Tian who lost his wife in chindbirth and left him a 3-year-old daughter.

  With the mutual efforts exerted by the couple, and later by their children, the family has survived both WWII and Chinese Civil War, political turmoil, and various hardships. They remain a closely-knit and harmonious unit.

  Grandma Luo was the key figure behind such a miracle. Like many traditional Chinese women, She never went out to work after marriage, because of her husband's ample salary. With total dedication to her family, she farmed, cooked, cleaned, took care of eldly in-laws, and raised many children and grandchildren. No matter how hard the time were, she and her husband kept their promise not to sell any family land, until after 1949 when all land seized by the government. Despite her husband's reduced income as a result of his long illness, she was able to put food on the table and provide two daughters with good education. Her home was tidy and clean, and she was widely known for her beautiful triangle Zongzi (sticky rice wrapped up in reed leaves).

  Grandma Luo was wise in her simple life philosophy. Her motto was to learn to be young when one grew old. She gracefully eased into living arrangements with her children, and spent her last 3 years in a nursing home. Her innocent nature and sincere smile charmed nurses and roommates alike. After the age of 100, much of her white hair turned black. She remained active until the last two months of her life, when she suffered from a fall.

  Grandma Luo was proceded in death by her husband Ruixing Tian in 1972 and son-in-law Rushan Huang in 2001. She is survived by her 4 Children: Chunming Luo and wife Rongxian Yao, Rongdi Tian and husband Youxin Ma, Xingdi Tian and husband Yonmin Song of Shanghai, and Jindi Tian of New York and by her 10 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

  A grand funeral was held on the afternoon of November 22, 2010 in Shanghai, China.











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