2021-03-09 高三年级英语作文


高三英语作文 篇1


  Travel is a very good means of broadening a person's perspective. It makes you come into contact with different cultures, meet people of different colors and go through peculiar rites and ceremonies. Travelling much, you will not only enrich your knowledge and experiences, but also be aware of the vastness of nature.

  Travel may also relieve person of boredom and gloom. Travel brings you enjoyment and attraction. It gives you a pleasant experience, which will disperse your boredom and make you forget whatever annoys you. Travel broadens your mind and leaves you good memories. Later, you may go over these memories and enjoy your past experiences, thus keeping a fresh and sunny mind.

  The field's his study, nature was his book.

  Travelers can choose different modes of transportation which have advantages and disadvantages. Airplanes are the fastest but also the most expensive. Buses and trains are less expensive, but they soon make you feel cramped and uncomfortable. Ships provide you with comfort unless you get seasick. Most people can afford traveling by bicycle, which, although slow, can limber up your muscles and get you closer to nature.

高三英语作文 篇2

  If one wants to do well in an examination, the revision is one of the most important factors. After so many years of study and examination experience, I summarize some useful review methods that should be helpful to other students.

  Firstly, slowing down the speed of review appropriately so that you can set aside more time to think about your reviewing plan and make a summary for the previous stage. Moreove, you can make an adjustment for your review if necessary.Secondly, repeated training is so important that it can help you to better understand the knowledge of the error-prone. Thirdly, the teacher should reduce the amount of homework to improve the quality of review. That is so say, the teacher should give more time and freedom to students. Last but not the least, having a good rest also plays a dominant role during the reviewing process, for sufficient energy is the ensurance of efficient revision.

  Perhaps each student has their own unique review method which requires students to summarize constantly. After all, the best method is the one that ‘s right for you.

高三英语作文 篇3

  The first Arbor Day took place on April 10, 1872 in Nebraska. It was the brainchild of Julius Sterling Morton (1832-1902), a Nebraska journalist and politician originally from Michigan. Throughout his long and productive career,

  Morton worked to improve agricultural techniques in his adopted state and throughout the United States when he served as President Grover Cleveland's Secretary of Agriculture. But his most important legacy is Arbor Day.

  Morton (photo, right) felt that Nebraska's landscape and economy would benefit from the wide-scale planting of trees. He set an

  example himself planting orchards, shade trees and wind breaks on his own farm and he urged his neighbours to follow suit. Morton's real opportunity, though, arrived when he became a member of Nebraska's state board of agriculture.

  He proposed that a special day be set aside dedicated to tree planting and increasing awareness of the importance of trees. Nebraska's first Arbor Day was an amazingsuccess. More than one million trees were planted. A second Arbor Day took place in 1884 and the young state made it an annual legal

  holiday in 1885, using April 22nd to coincide with Morton's birthday. In the years following that first Arbor Day, Morton's idea spread beyond Nebraska with Kansas, Tennessee, Minnesota and Ohio all

  proclaiming their own Arbor Days. Today all 50 states celebrate Arbor Day although the dates may vary in keeping with the local climate. (State Arbor Days) At the federal level, in 1970, President Richard Nixon proclaimed the last Friday in April as National Arbor Day. Arbor Day is also now celebrated in other countries including Australia. Variations are celebrated as

  'Greening Week' of Japan, 'The New Year's Days of Trees' in Israel, 'The Tree-loving Week' of Korea, 'The Reforestation Week' of Yugoslavia, 'The Students' Afforestation Day' of Iceland and 'The National Festival of Tree Planting' in India. Julius Sterling Morton would be proud. Sometimes one good idea can make a real difference.

  y is an excellent opportunity to take stock of the trees on your property and plan for the future. Inspect your trees. Note any broken branches or evidence of disease or insect infestation. Think about how planting new

  trees might improve the look of your property or provide wind or heat protection. Take a trip to your local nursery to see what's available and to get new ideas. Walk around your neighbourhood. Are there any public areas where tree planting or tree maintenance might make a real difference to your

  community? Talk with your neighbours. Find out what their opinions are. And, oh yes, plant a tree.

高三英语作文 篇4




  B 训练学生对情景作文的审题能力,拓展对给定信息点的想象空间。

  C 运用基本语法知识表达思想感情。

  D 掌握高考中情景作文的应试策略。


  A 情景作文主要是以日常生活中所发生的事为背景,教育、引导学生要尊重他人的感情。

  B 辨证理解理由的合理性。


  (1) 针对高考中以“理由与借口”为题材的情景作文,如何制定策略。

  (2) 以小组讨论为形式,激活思维。


  (1) 如何获取、筛选信息,以“合理”,“创新”为原则,展开想象。

  (2) 语言知识在写作中的运用,如何有效表达个人情感,感染读者。



  教学媒体:计算机 录像机


  第一步 引入

  A 简述本课将对以“理由与借口”为题材的高考情景作文进行指导与训练。

  B 通过校园内的采访录像,总结出在何种情况下需要“理由与借口”。


  A 以竞赛为形式,在指定的情景下将与之相关的所有想法展示出来,并以“合理、创新”为原则进行筛选、分类,从中引出“头脑风暴”的概念,并加以解释。

  B 列举日常生活中的'情景与理由,帮助学生打开思路。



  B 总结写作策略。




  作业 A根据所提示情景,再练习一篇内容相关的情景作文。

  B 认真思考对命题作文的写作策略与情景写作之间的联系。

  Teaching Plan

  Date: Nov.25th, 20xx

  Class and Grade: Class 2, Senior Grade Three

  Subject: Brain Storm and Situational Wring

  Teacher: Zhang Rong

  ⅠTeaching Objectives:

  1. To improve the students’ writng skills by means of watching, speaking and reading.

  2. To enhance the interests of the students in terms of English wring and encourage them to fully develop their ability of imagination.

  3. To express their ideas effectively in formal writing and in the teaching process, the interactive teaching mold is tested in class.

  ⅡTeaching difficulties:

  1. To be creative and reasonable in the development of imagination, and improve the ability of analyzing accordingly.

  2. To exchange ideas in the form of discussion in groups and develop the shinning points into compositions.

  Ⅲ Teaching aids:

  Computer Video Cassette Player Blackboard

  Ⅳ Procedures:

  Step1 Turning-in

  1A brief introduction of the topic in situational composition-making excuses.

  2. Summon up the ideas related to the topic “Under what condition people need to make excuse”.

  Step 2 presentation

  Introduce the concept of brain storm in the form of a competition.

  Step 3 Class activity

  Try to develop the composition according to the given situation in each group with reference to the writing strategy.

  Step 4 Reading

  Read a passage titled the truth about excuses, aiming to improve the way students communicate in their daily lives.

  Step 5 Assignment

  1. Writing practice

  2. Thinking about the strategies for instruction-based wring.

高三英语作文 篇5

  The first fall of snow is not only an event but it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up to find yourself in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment, then where is it to be found?

  The very stealth, the eerie quietness, of the thing makes it more magical. Ifall the snow fell at once in one shattering crash, awakening us in the middle of the night the event would be robbed of its wonder. But it flutters down, soundless, hour after hour while we are asleep. Outside the closed curtains of the bedroom a vast transfbrmation scene is takiag place, just as if a myriad elves and brownies were at work, and we turn and yawn and stretch and know nothing about it. And then, what an extraordinary change it is! It is as if the house continent. Even the inside, which has not been touched, seems different, every room appearing smaller and cosier, just as if some power were trying to turn it into a woodcutter’s hut or a snug logcabin. Outside, where the garden was yesterday, there is now a white and glistening level, and the village beyond is no longer your own familiar cluster of roofs but a village in an old German fairy-tale.

  You would not be surprised to learn that all the people there, the speetacled postmistress, the cobbler, the retired school master, and the rest, had suffered a change too and had become queer elvish beings, purveyors of invisible caps and magic shoes. You yourselves do not feel quite the same people you were yesterday. How could you not when so much has been changed? There is a curious stir, a little shiver of excite-ment, troubling the house, not unlike the feeling there is abroad when a journey has to be made. The children, of course, are all excitement but even the adults hang about and talk to one another longer than usual before setting down to the day’s work. Nobody can resist the windows. It is like being on board a ship.










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