2021-04-13 高三年级英语作文


高三英语作文 篇1

  I have a happy family. There are my father, my mother, my brother and I.

  My father works a long way from home. And my mother is a housewife. My brother is a student who studies in the school.

  In a word, my family is full of happiness.

高三英语作文 篇2

  friendship with oneself is all important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.- eleanor roosevelt

  we often focus on building relationships with others that we forget the essential first step: being friends of ourselves. that is the crucial first step if we are to have good relationships with others. how can we have good relationships with others if we don't even have good relationship with ourselves?

  the problem might be worse than we expect. maybe we don't like ourselves without realizing it. here is a simple checklist; is there anything you don't like about yourself from these list?

  your past

  maybe you have made mistakes in the past which you feel bad about. you might be disappointed with yourself on why you could make such mistakes. even if that happened in distant past, your subconscious mind still has a reason not to like yourself.

  your background

  you might wish that you were born in different family, or that you have different background. maybe you could not accept the fact that you are not as lucky as others, who seem to get whatever they want effortlessly because of their background.

  your personality traits

  you might have some personality traits that you don't like. for example, you may be an introvert and you don't like it; you wish you are an extrovert.

高三英语作文 篇3

  ronaldo luiz nazario de lima was born on 22 september 1976 in a poor suburb of rio de janeiro. like most of his childhood friends, ronaldo began his soccer career playing barefoot in the streets of his neighborhood. at the age of 14, he joined soccer club and only two years later became the star of cruzeiro belo horizonte scoring a total of 58 goals in 60 matches and earning himself a reputation for his explosive pace and outstanding finishing skills. his goal-scoring record and unusual agility led him to be included in the brazilian world cup winning team the following year. after the world cup, many top european football clubs were trying to sign him. many people, including brazilian football legend pelé, referred to him as the most promis footballer of his generation.

  since his transfer to dutch team psv eindhoven, ronaldo s biography is one of success after success. two copa américa s, a uefa cup, a dutch cup, a spanish league cup, and two awards as best player in the world, all in the space of two years, are some of ronaldo s impressive achievements. on arrival to inter-milan in 1997, ronaldo became the idol of the local fans who refer to him as "il venomous."

  since the 98 world cup he has suffered two serious knee injuries that have severely limited his appearances. just when people began to wonder whether ronaldo would be able to continue with his football career, he proved to the world that he still could play. in the world cup held in korea and japan, the magical striker won the golden shoe award and tied pele s brazilian record for career world cup goals with 12. he helped brazil capture its fifth world cup championship on june 30 with a 2-0 win over germany. it was the third time that ronaldo has ever played in the world cup.





高三英语作文 篇4

  Every day that goes over,finally,finally the students who entered the so-called "purgatory",Xue-mei,who yearn for the Tuotuo stage - the third year.I would like to have,the more senior Yes,in addition to review what can not,it more than the well-being.Shuzhi how he is a young Blair,as the math teacher said of the verbal phrase "set aside to see the essence of the phenomenon of" precarious,and this time I was deceived by the phenomenon to.As in his junior high school,middle school is very annoying; on how well the high school,when I used to think was the fact that on the high school,junior high school on time,remember life to death,and even repeating dreams are In the past,also did not expect to actually commit the same mistake in the past,did not progress.

  Hated his high school,so why Naozhong,a three-year,the office is actually an unknown place of the small fry,that is not very good results,not too bad,not outstanding performance,but has never done a bad thing.In the early days,Oh,Bukanhuishou past.Mean people too,a little color,but there was almost a "color" (should be "injured").At that time expressly prohibited in the school Sunday to Internet cafes,I do not know where I had the courage to dare to "crimes against the wind" went.Shuiliao,but groups of teachers came for the "prey",of course,we have a class.Just when I was in a URL and find joy in cases of doubt in the back when it saw a familiar figure,saying it gave me the direct religious ties swallowed it,the first reaction is to affirm the end,inevitably Monday seized a public school guide,When they can really ruin and death without a burial.Immediately go back to running a boil over 3 hours writing a long 5 thousand seized the lead character (this is my longest to date,"works"),said his despicable act,so all kinds of bad machine David.Also in the evening to dream,a dream teacher Zhang Xuepentaikou to hit me,scared out in a cold sweat.Originally thought it very brave,the effect is so timid,have not always been afraid of problems at school.The next morning at the Dan Chan scared spent in determining their own have not been found,is still lingering fear.Breath back,God bless ah,but fortunately I have not found that would lead to pay up,otherwise I would not go home to die is you!After this difficult ordeal,it is no longer the brave dare not,will make their own good that this has become mediocre.

  Mediocrity is,of course,get mad fan,a senior teacher would often talk to people to the office.It was not strange,all talk of the mysterious return of the sword have a sense of well-being,as if in the 5,000,000 awards,and asked him laugh and not always answer,it is more to this increase in the level of mystery,often It has to feel the desire to talk to the teachers were strict,very good results either,or misconduct,and no matter which one I do not fit,seems the middle is the least The rights.

  Always thought that their problems can be independent of the Department.Simply turns a blind eye on the college entrance examination,the score was insignificant.But in fact they are themselves for the college entrance examination is still fighting and anger,if every time test scores will be lower still can not help the bad.After the test scores of feel sorry ourselves,very sorry,and regret that I did at that time was not seriously listening to a teacher clarified,and regret that I did not remember it,so why regret negligence,and how a "regret" terrible.At this time it felt "detached" just take it for granted,it is only their wishful thinking,the ideal and the reality is very different from the.Often hate themselves,and why others in the same classroom,a teacher in the same teaching,some people may be at Beijing University,Qinghua,and I do,but I just focus has been weighed down the line.Is it natural to me than they do worse?Careful not compare the gap between what you can score a big difference but also had to try,but still.Q with the Arab-Israeli trick that,"I do not want to be so good at the University of mud." Doing it for a long time for a long time and feel a natural,high-Trinity began to come to the waves,the number of examinations,the total will not always be The disappointing scores,right?Imagine my not so good psychological,not a blow,the second is not afraid,but afraid that a lot of times when it's Sixinliefei how to put up with,if open to the Department would like to have nothing,perhaps many times After the fight against heart on the numbness,pain no longer.

  There is a third of the total teachers or parents tell you to set goals,which is the only goal for college entrance examination on what schools,said that the simple test is what University.I gave a "priority" for his high school's "emphasis on the country," University should be the last time was in any case are too unreasonable.Therefore,efforts have to,too many people you can not sleep.Do not kick the ball,not playing ping-pong,and not on the network,QQ is not a chat,about an impulse to open the QQ,the above message,they thought I was dead,I do not know they are in the third year,it involuntarily,Sleep,next year should not cliff-fall.As a teacher here by 11,insisted the 10 months of hard to eat in order to endure hardship will not endure hardship or less,"Kujinganlai" why are the so-called "fight a spring and summer,autumn and winter,a youth-for-no regrets." Several times to listen to It would appear that may have similar,only later to think about this carefully to know when the junior high school have said such words,but I think Daomei than junior high school easier.

  Have to work hard,and a third,or there is no chance,I do not want to be next year,also stayed in the school's "four high"

高三英语作文 篇5

  With the approachment of life in university, choosing a suitable dorm becomes a hot topic among the freshmen。

  As far as I am concerned, renting a flat close to the university will be a smarter choice。 Compared with school dorm, although the cost of 800 yuan per month is an extra load for the parents, it gives you more freedom as you live alone。 Brave and independent as I am, I will be satisfied with this way of live。 In addition, while the school dorm only provides one restroom on each floor, I can enjoy a comfortable bath in the flat。 What comes last is that you will never bother anybody or be bothered by others。 Since I am an early bird, I don’t want my reading in the morning to be a nightmare of my dormmates。

  In conclusion, renting a flat is my best choice。 Of course you can make your own decision, and it all depends。

高三英语作文 篇6

dear schoolmates,

  as i am graduating, i’d like to write this letter to express my feelings before leaving school. learning in this school is a very enjoyable and meaningful experience for me. in the past three years, i have understood the pleasure of efforts and challenges, which will be beneficial to my life in the future.

  while i attained a lot during this period, i also regretted wasting much time. with the much pressure on me, i sometimes read some novels in order to relax myself. the novels may relieve me from stress, but i should have focused on study.

  no matter what i did in the past, it is essential to adapt myself to a new and hopeful life. therefore, i will try my best to face more challenges in the university. i am full of confidence that i’ll get used to it soon.

  last, i want to give you some advice. don’t put much pressure on yourselves. keep in mind: it is not just the results that make it important, but what you have done during the preparations.

  good luck to all of you!

高三英语作文 篇7

  It is human nature to seek morc and to want something different. there are many instances in our daily life that can verify this.

  we can take some humans basic needs as an example we do not want to wear the same clothes all the time and we want better and better cars. we wish to live in a more spacious flat. of course not all human beings are the same. for instance, some people try to climb up socially or politically all the time, while others never stop trying to make more money. children long for new toys while the old hope to live longer. scientists want to make new discoveries while writers desire to produce more works.

  good or had, this human nature has been the impetus to the de velopment of human society. markets flourish because we want more and better goods. the development of science and technology has never stopped because of our desire to discover more and more. if man has been easily satisfied, the human society would still be at its primitive stage




高三英语作文 篇8

  I read a article about the memory. I think that it is always true that the older you get ,the less you remember. But the essay said me that it is not true.

  Human beings have amazing memories. We can recall between 20,000 and 100,000 words in our own language as well as possibly thousands more in foreign language.Memory is like a musclethe more it is used, the better it gets.The more it is neglected, the worse it gets.

  But many factors are influencing our memories.Firstly,it is a fact that some people were born with better memories.Secondly, different things are kept in different parts of the brain.Ideas,words and numbers are stored in the lefthand side and images, sounds and smells in the righthand side.Thirdly,unusual experiences can produce chmicals such as adrenaline in our body which can boost memory. The memory is amazing.










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