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英语作文 篇1

  A wolf was almost dead with hunger. A house-dog saw him, and asked, "Friend, your irregular life will soon ruin you."Why don't you work steadily as I do, and get your food regularly?"一只狼快要饿死了,一只狗看见后问他:“你现在的无规律的生活一定会毁掉你,为什么不像我一样稳定地干活并有规律地获得食物呢?”

  "I would have no objection," said the wolf, "if I could only get a place." "I will help you," said the dog. "Come with me to my master, and you shall share my work."狼说:“如果我有个地方住,我没有意见。”狗回答说:“跟我到主人那里去,我们一起工作。”

  So the wolf and the dog went to the town together.于是狼和狗一起回到了村子。

  On the way the wolf saw that there was no hair around the dog's neck.He felt quite surprised, and asked him why it was like that?在路上,狼注意到狗的脖子上有一圈没有毛,他很奇怪地问为什么会那样。

  "Oh, it is nothing," said the dog. "Every night my master puts a collar around my neck and chains me up. You will soon get used to it."“噢,没有什么,”狗说,“我的主人每天晚上都用一条铁链子拴住我,你很快就会习惯的。”

  "Is that the only reason?" said the wolf. "Then good-bye to you, my friend. I would rather be free."“就是因为这个原因吗?”狼说道,“那么,再见了,我的`朋友,我宁愿选择自由。”

英语作文 篇2

  假设你是红星中学高三一班的学生李华,为响应绿化祖国的号召,你班四月十二日去郊区植树,请根据一下四幅图的先后顺序,介绍植树活动的全过程,给某英文杂志的“绿色行动”专栏写一篇以“Green Action in Our Class”为题的英文稿件。

  April 12 is memorable because our class had a meaningful experience on that day. In the morning, we bicycled to the suburbs to plant trees, talking and laughing all the way. Upon arrival, we began to work immediately. Some were digging holes. Some were carrying and planting young trees. Others were watering . After getting the work done, we put up a board reminding people to protect the trees. Before leaving we took some photos to record our green action. Seeing the lines of trees, we all had a sense of achievement. We feel it’s our duty to protect and beautify our environment.


英语作文 篇3

  Dear Sir:

  My name is Raymond, I am writing to tell you something about your restaurant questions.

  Last Saturday, I was going to your restaurant with my friends. We are very hungry, but when we order, your restaurant waiter But ignore our. So my friend was very angry. Besides, when the waiter come on .my friend ask her why ignore our, she is very aggressive for us and say you don’t see me I am very busy. So I do hope you can have your restaurant waiter training about etiquette.

  Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

  Sincerely yours



  我的名字叫Raymond, 我写信是要告诉你一些关于你们饭店的问题。

  上个星期六, 我和我的朋友到你的餐厅用餐,我们很饿。但是当我们点餐时,你饭店里的服务员却不理我们。所以我的朋友很生气。除此之外,当你的服务员来的时候,我的朋友问她为什么不理我们时,她很凶的对我们说,你们没有看到我正在忙吗?所以我希望你能给你的饭店服务员提供有关礼仪的训练。




英语作文 篇4

  Innovation consciousness

  The cartoon aims at informing us of the significance of the consciousness of innovation. Definitely, no one can deny the importance of it. A innovative spirit can promote the advancement of both individuals and society as a whole. Only those who are keeping on creating new things can make continuous progress and maintain competitive edge. To further illustrate the importance of innovation, I would like to take Steve Jobs as a case in point. How could he, a genius who change the way of modern communication, recreation and even our life, invent so many powerful electronic products without a creative spirit ?

  From my perspective, at no time should we overlook the power of the consciousness of innovation. Furthermore, we need to develop a habit of discovering new things, using new methods and applying new thoughts in our work, study or simply everyday life. “Innovation is the spirit of human being’s progress.” A philosopher once said.




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英语作文 篇5

  An essential quality for young people is diligence.Nowdays,the issue on the most important personal quality of young people is highly debatable,and ideas vary from peerson to person. Some would claim that confidence is the most essential. But for my part,the most essential quality for young people is diligence that helps us a lot.

  Diligence enables us to academic results. As we all know,academic results requires lots of researches. An ancient calligraphy,named Wang Xizhi,devoted lots of his time practicing writing. As is known to us all,he dried his pool with his writing brush day after day. Though diligence,he became the greatest calligraphy,finally.

  Deligence helps us to achieve better scores in school. Last semester,one of my fellow students failed to pass the Listening cours. In fact, questions set in that paper were not very difficultt. If she had spent a little more time listening rather than watching TV at her dorm,she could have passed the exam. On the other hand,one of my roomates worked hard every day and got a high score.

  Diligence provides us more chancs to be succeed. As the saying goes “The early bird catch the worm”. A diligent man may get up early and have more time to improve himself. And that is the key to be succeed. If

  we spend some time observing people around us,we can easily find some people,just like Li Jiachen,are diligence and successful.

  All in all,as a young people,once we have cultivated the essential quality of diligence,we can achieve academic achievements,get a high score and have more chances to be succeed. Once we have this essential quality:diligence,it do helps us a lot in many ways.

英语作文 篇6

  One day, I went out for a walk after supper. I happened to meet several foreign guests at the gate of the park. I went up to them and said, "Good ning !" They smiled and said "Good evening!" to me.

  I was very surprised. I wondered why they didn't say "Good night." So I called my teacher for help when I came back. My teacher explained it clearly and of course I was wrong.

  From this event, I realize how important it is to study English hard. There is no end to learning.





英语作文 篇7

  New Beijing, Great Olympics

  The 20xx Olympic Game has been the most cheerful and anticipated event throughout Beijing ever since Beijing was rewarded the right to host the 20xx Summer Olympic Games, yet the focus should be shifted from making a promise to fulfilling the promise made.

  In my point of view, to bridge the gap between the promise and reality, Beijing still has a long way to go. To begin with, infrastructure construction should be the primary concern. Such infrastructures as communications and transportation system and facilities ought to draw our constant attention. First, traffic jam has been an age?old headache in Beijing. The scene of long queues of vehicles worming their way inch by inch will surely cause great incontinence, and blemish the image of the city meanwhile. Next, to add enchantment to convenience, overall city?planning is indispensable. Time permitting, a redesign of city layout and adjustment of architectural style would provide a better environment for fostering the characteristic, blending, oriental elegance with international grandeur, will tower aloft among surrounding architectures. To achieve such effect, Beijing shall solicit opinions from first?rate architects and make an overall plan. Thirdly, quality of the population should be improved. To make an international metropolis, both “hardware” and “software” are important.

  However, Rome was not built in a day. To carry out the promise of “New Beijing, Great Olympics”, deeds speak louder than words.

英语作文 篇8


  1. 栏目介绍;

  2. 稿件内容;

  3. 稿件长度:约400词;

  4. 交稿日期:6 月28 日前。


  1. 词数:100 左右;

  2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

  3. 开头语已为你写好。


Dear Peter,

  I’d like to ask you to write an article for our school’s English newspaper.

  The “Foreign Cultures”section in our newspaper is very popular among us students.It carries articles written by foreign friends about the cultures of their home countries. Would you please write something about the culture in your part of the United States?And we would especially welcome articles about how Americans spend their holidays and festivals,and the lifeof American high school students.You can write anything relevant so long as it’s interesting and informative.400 words would be fine.Could we have your article before June 28?

  I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


  Li Hua

英语作文 篇9

  An unforgetful trip I went Chong Qing in July 22.It is a city which was built near mountains. So people call it Mountain City. In Chong Qing,I went to the Red Stone Center, to see the places which the prisoners lived in the past. It is a terrible and awful trip. There are a lot of dogs, and soldiers with guns near the prisons. And most of the prisons are good, they didn't want to tell the bad people where the other people were. They lived in very small houses. No good food to eat, no good water to drink.They had only twenty minutes to stay out side per day but they still said nothing. I think they are the heros in that century. I will follow their spirit.

英语作文 篇10

  our city is a new and developing city, and was built at the beginning of 1980s. the infrastructure for water, gas, electricity and other energy in this area is complete and sufficient.

  from here one can travel to any place by sea, by air or by land. and there is a highway leading to the capital, beijing. besides there are many other advantages for the investors to work here. for example, the areas around this city are rich in natural resources.

  the public order is very nice and so on. the most impor ant. thing is that the government of this city supports foreign investors in many respects. in a sentence, this city is filled with enthusiasm and vigor. it is a good place for investors.










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