Brown County State Park

2021-11-25 其他类英语作文

  Today my family and I drove to Brown County State Park to look at the beautiful leaves of autumn.

  After two hours of sitting in the car, we finally arrived at Brown County State Park. We saw the colorful leaves of the trees: yellow, red, and orange. My dad thought that we came a little bit too late, because the leaves were beginning to shrivel and wither and, of course, lose their wonderful colors. We drove to a place that had picnic tables, and we sat down and ate lunch. After I filled my stomach with yummy food, I begin to look at my surroundings. There was a two-story building, and leaves were all over the ground. Crunch! Crunch! As I stepped on the leaves, I spotted something red on the ground. First I thought that it was a piece of wire, but after a closer inspection, I found out that it was a Swiss army knife. I gasped and picked it up, and I proudly showed it to my parents.

  Wow, Amy! You found something precious, didn’t you?” My mom said with a wink. My dad was too stunned to speak. I thought that this would be an OK trip, but I never imagined stumbling upon good fortune! I thought. This is a good start! My dad picked the army knife up and inspected it closely.

  “Dad, how about we go inside that building and see if anything interesting is in there?” I asked.

  “Okay.” My dad said half-heartedly.

  Inside the building we found a gift shop and a museum. We went to the backyard of the building, and it had a beautiful and quiet scene of nature and… some wind chimes! After some photo-taking, we went back to the car.

  We drove to a hill inside the park. We got out and were amazed: Below the hill is a beautiful sea of trees! The different-colored trees grew this way and that, making it look like the waves of the ocean. Dad quickly got out the camera and took as many pictures as possible, as if it would disappear if he doesn’t hurry. We suddenly grew dizzy looking at the trees so we got into the car again.

  As we were on our way to Ogle Lake, which we decided should be our next viewing point, we saw a pretty stag running out of the trees. Its antlers were big and beautiful, and its swift legs carried him across the forest floor as if he was flying. We all stared at it until it disappeared. Soon we got to the lake. We were stunned to see the rippling water reflecting all the views on the land, and the sun made it shimmer as if it was made of little pieces of diamonds. Different trees surrounded this enchanted lake, while the lake reflected the colorful trees. We snapped some pictures and just couldn’t get enough of the beautiful view. But we had to go home because it was getting late.

  The trip to Brown County State Park was dazzling, and I really loved the scenes that caring Nature Mother had unselfishly provided.

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