My past life四年级英语作文

2018-08-17 四年级英语作文

  英语作文1:My past life

  I was born in a small villege of Guangzhou.Although my hometown is not big,it was clean and beatiful just like a garden and I love my hometown very much!Near the garden,there was a shool named "BaiYun primary school".I was studying in it when I was a puple.The teachers and classmates were nice,I enjoyed my school life here.

  英语作文2:My past life

  I was born in a village of Zhejiang.The village wasn’t big,but it was beautiful and clean.There was a big garden with some trees and a pond.There were many fishes in the pond.On weekends,children often played there.Near the garden,it was my first school----NO.2 MIDDLE School.Dining hall was in the north of the school.In front of the dining hall there was a small park.After meal,it was the best to play.My first teacher was Mr PAN.SHe was 39 .He was friendly and interesting,but he sometimes was strict with us.At that time,my best friends were Zhou Huiming and Ye Xia.They were out-going and very naughty.I loved them very much.

  英语作文3:My past life

  I was born in July 7th.It was a clear day!I was born in a small village,but it very beautiful!My first school was qingzhou primary school .It is big and beautiful school.My first teacher was Mrs Wang,she was very strict with me,but very friendly to us ?.My first friend were Tom ?and Lingling,they were very friendly to me.

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