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  I haven’t write diaries for a period of time. I am now writing this just want to remember one thing. My study has fallen behind a lot this term. I can keep my score in the top ten in the whole school ranking before. But this term I fall behind. I nearly draw back to fifty. I know the reason is because I am too arrogant. I think I can be the best without studying hard. So I usually not pay too much attention on my study. When I find myself lag behind, I comfort myself it is accident. I have learnt a serious lesson this time. So, I want to write it down to warn myself.


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May Day 五一

  April 28th Saturday Fine

  It was Saturday, just before May Day. My classmates and I went to the park nearby, we didn't go there for amusement but took part in voluntary labor.

  We got there at 9:00. We were pided into three groups and then began working. The students in Group One planted trees and watered flowers. The task for Group Two was collecting the litter left about by tourists and cleaning the benches. The group I was in got to the Children's Play ground and wiped all the equipment clean. We worked very hard. At 11:00, when all the work was finished up, all my classmates met again. Although everyone was in a sweat, yet we felt happy because we had done good job.

  4 月28 日(星期六)晴天



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  May I write this diary in English?

  Welcome to see my fleeings and thank you for caring about me. These days,I m busy in teaching,which is not quite easy in my opinion now."Never To Be A Teacher."I have been thinking so since long long ago. I believe, so do you. Right? We now have 10 students, all in senior one.Only two of them are girls.In the first ten dans,I taught all the four subjects ,in the moring and in the afternoon.I felt a little tired.But in the depth of my heart, I was so happy that I struggled myself out of the lonely and blue days.Believe life,believe our future.We need to do as much as we can to build a meaningful and wondful life,our short life.

  I have also many other things to do in future.I can walk, run ,rush, even fly.I can be myself. Do you think so? Let s go on!!

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  October 12, 20xx, Monday Fine

  It is universally acknowledged that Senior Three is undoubtedly a critical phase of life. The school life is extremely busy, so our monitor suggests that we have an outing to relax ourselves this weekend.

  It is terrific! After a month s study, I feel we really need a break for one day, and so do some of my friends. Senior Three should not be filled with study only and relaxation is also an important part. Sometimes relaxation is more useful than an hour s hard work. While having an outing, we can relax ourselves and enjoy the beautiful scenery of autumn --- yellow leaves, attractive sunset against the blue sky and so on. Isn t it enjoyable? After the outing, I think all the students will have a better physical and mental state to meet the further challenges we may come across and cope with difficulties for ourselves.

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On the benefits of writing English diary

  Keeping a diary in English does a great deal of good to my English study. Keeping a diary can help you review all the English knowledge you have learned. For example, you must know the correct spelling of each word needed in the diary; you must use the phrases correctly and choose the suitable sentence patterns, meanwhile, it is also necessary to use you knowledge of grammar in a correct way.


  Keeping a diary can help you not only to console your knowledge of English, but to form the habit of thinking in English. Practice makes perfect. By and by, your English writing will be greatly improved.


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  Shopping craze:

  New Year approached, we walked the streets, busy with the New Year.

  You see, some ladies are choosing "New Year's dresses" in the store, surrounded by a lovely group of "little angels", grinning and laughing to buy new clothes, new toy. These mothers were noisy no choice but to put aside the clothes they have been optimistic about the first take the "baby" after a mad purchase, then add to their own.

  "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, dirty your clothes." There was a sudden apology. What happened? Originally a big uncle just bought the fish came out, accidentally will be buying new year's picture of several little girl's clothes dirty. "It does not matter!" The little girl smiled and took the just-selected New Year and went into another store. The uncle also laughed away.

  "Ha ha ha ... ..." there came a burst of laughter ......

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  Last August my parents and I went to Europe for a visit. We had a wonderful time there.

  It took us about ten hours to fly from Beijing to Budapest, Hungary. And then we visited France, Germany, Italy and other countries. Europe was really beautiful.

  The sky was blue, and the sunshine was bright. There were not so many tall buildings there as we had expected. Most of the people there were polite and friendly.

  I was glad that when I spoke a little English, they all understood. After we stayed there for half a month, I began to miss my hometown. I couldn't live there for a whole life, though it was beautiful.





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  today is sunday so i go out shopping like usual. it is a sunny day and the wind is warm. i look around as i eat some candies all the way. to be honest,i feel a little hungry and i hurried walk to the maket while by the time a big car accident happened. it is so scary that i run away right soon. i can not believe this and i really need to think over. how does this accident happen?i think is careless and not obey te traffic rules that brings some matters. what is more,in our daily life ,only should we keep calm and be careful can we enjoy a better life. after that i write it on my dairy to make myself still remember.

  今日是周日所以我和往常一样外出购物,今天天气不错风和日丽有阳光. 我一边走一边吃着糖果,我有点饿了于是匆忙往去市场的路上走。这个时候我面前发生了一起事故,是车祸。我有点害怕于是马上跑开,我一直深思是什么导致这起事故,我认为是粗心和不遵守交通法规导致的。更重要的是,在我们日常生活中只有小心镇定才可以更好的享受生活。我也因此把这件事记载在日记里提醒我自己。











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